What to Do With Small Penis?

What to Do With Small Penis?

Professor Bin Bin, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine


Translated by Wira Yudha on 2018-07-29


How big and how long for is normal?


Many are concerned about their penises’ girth, size and length. It’s big or small even attracts the attention of the opposite sex and his sexual partners. Many young men often had a misconception of having a small penis, which lead them to overthink and distressed about their size. Thus this lead to these young men not brave enough to go to public places such as public baths and swimming pools for fear of bei

ng ridiculed of their penis size. This fear left untreated, often lead to men having fear of marriage.



In regards to penis measurements, there have been conducted many studies and it produced a lot of data on the measur

ement of penis. Some of the reports showed a variation based on the area and how it was taken. One such study collected data from 2,574 male college student’s penis whose age ranging from 16 to 40 years old. Results showed that penis development of Chinese men was almost

complete at the a

ge of 16, but its length still showed some sign of increasing before and after the age of 20, and there was no significant change after the age of 25. Average penis length in relaxed state is 7.43±1.04 cm, 95% of which measured between 5.39 and 9.47, the shortest is 4.10 cm, an

d the longest is 12.10 cm. Average circumference is 8.17±0.64 cm, 95% of which is between 6.92 and 9.42, the minimum is 5.80 cm, and the maximum is 11.60 cm. Excessive obesity and drastic weight loss have a definite impact on penis development. The results also showed that the shorter the penis during relaxation, the more pronounced its increase in growth when erect, indicating that the inter-individual differences in penis during erection is not that noticeable.


The quality of human sex are influenced by many factors, mainly due to factors such as individual’s skills, personal experience and emotional aspects of both person. In terms of the penis, the key lies in its erectile ability rather than the size. Large penis when flaccid and unable to get hard and achieve an erection is also incapable of completing sexual intercourse. Relatively speaking, a smaller penis is more likely to obtain a hard erection than a larger penis. In addition, from the perspective of the woman, vagina has a strong elasticity, nerves on vagina are not the most abundant in the outer 1/3 segment, and after sexual excitement, the external 1/3 segment will be enlarged and swelled surrounding penis thus produces a grip on the penis. The sensitive parts of vagina are clitoris and G-spot, which are independent on penis length and penis size. Excessive attention to sex organs in sex life, men often neglect basic physical contact such as caressing, cuddling and emotional affection which will lead to losing a lot more intimate delight. As a matter of fact a lot of men believed their penis size are of average size, but sometimes thought otherwise and become depressed over it.